The truth and prejudice about goat milk

Is goat milk neglected in our diet due to the existing prejudice?

Yes, it is. All we need to do is try it and the existing prejudiced about the unpleasant taste and smell shall disappear. We should also point out that the possible unpleasant taste and smell are mainly due to the lack of hygiene during the production and processing of raw milk. We vouch for ours, and it is up to you to try it.

I am allergic to cow milk. Can I drink goat milk?

Yes, if you are allergic to protein αs-1 casein (which causes allergic reactions in a lot of people), and which is found only in traces in goat milk, unlike cow milk.

I was told to stay away from dairy products and lactose. Does goat milk contain lactose?

Yes, naturally, milk of all mammals, including people, contains lactose – milk sugar. However, a lot of people who are diagnosed with lactose intolerance, are able to consume goat milk which is easily digested. Because of its quick passage through the digestive system, goat milk leaves less undigested remains in the colon to ferment which usually cause unpleasant symptoms of lactose intolerance.

I have a very sensitive stomach. Is goat milk good for intestinal problems?

Goat milk is not a cure, but healthy food with high advantage of being easily digested because of softer curds and smaller and thus more absorbable, fat particles. For these reasons, goat milk is extremely favourable for sensitive and slow digestive systems (goat milk is digested in about 40 minutes, while cow milk takes about 2.5 hours.)

According to the nutritive properties, in what ways is goat milk different from cow milk?

Compared to cow milk, goat milk consists of 13% more calcium, 25% more vitamin B6 and 47% of vitamin A. It also contains higher concentrations of Chlorine, Copper and Manganese.

Can goat milk be frozen?

As the majority of dairy products, goat milk can also be frozen. We suggest the goat milk should be defrosted in the refrigerator and used within the 7 days. In order to preserve the good taste,do not freeze goat milk longer than 6 months.

Is your milk certified as organic?

Our products are not “Certified as organic”, but they are completely natural and do not contain antibiotics, preservatives, pesticides or growth hormones.

Have goat milk products by Select Milk undergone homogenization?

Goat milk is naturally homogenized.