Raw goat milk

Raw milk was the subject matter of the three year project btn-351007, which was financed by the Ministry of Science of Serbia. It was examined from different aspects and it was under control of experts from the Agricultural Faculty of Novi Sad, the Institute of Dairy Production in Belgrade, and the Veterinary Faculty in Belgrade.

The results of the three year long research have shown that the quality of our raw milk from our farm is significantly above the quality standards prescribed by the European Union for pasteurised milk.

It is well known that hygienic quality of raw milk determines its level of healthiness, which is very important in today’s trends connected to healthy diet, because the more versed clients are looking for just that – raw milk.

These data encouraged us to start cooperation with prof. dr. Anka Popović-Vraneš (Faculty of Agriculture in Novi Sad) and the Ministry of Agriculture, Department for Veterinary Medicine, in order to try to find the way for raw milk to reach customers.

We also managed to achieve high quality of raw milk owing to:

  • quality and balanced diet
  • regular health control of all goats and their udders
  • good ventilation in the barn (enables 5 turns per day)
  • good hygiene in the barn (always clean bedding)
  • proper preparation for milking
  • proper milking (Westfalia with CIP)
  • good hygiene of the milking apparatus and lactofreeze
  • proper cooling of milk after milking
  • regular control of milk quality (the Institute of Dairy Production in Belgrade "Zavod za mlekarstvo" and "NIV" in Novi Sad)