Healthy, lively and cheerful, with a tattooed number from the Registry of kids and an earmark, prepared for being fed with fodder and concentrated food, between 7 and 9 years old and weighing 16 to 18kg.


Healthy, cheerful and well developed kid

Physical characteristics

Active, lively, weighing 16 to 18kg

Preventive and health measures

  • vaccination: from 20-25 day of life
  • revaccination: 21 days after the vaccination


With tattooed number, earmarked and gets its own pedigree

Breeding, transport and distribution

  • Breeding in certain climatic conditions: temperature 8-15˚ C, rel. air humidity max 80%, good ventilation and sufficient light.
  • Clean and dry bedding.
  • Transport to the customers is carried out in special vehicles, disinfected by the veterinary institution.

Intended use (condition)

For breeding

Target clients

Goat breeders for milk production