The barn, covering 720 m2, used for the housing of 250 goats, was built according to the regulations of the European Union and facilitates the following: double racks with central feeding, kidding pens, kid pens, feeding area with the apparatus for milk substitute and the apparatus for colostrum, milking parlour with waiting area, manure removing canals, waterproof floor with additives, thermo-insulated venting roof, heating and venting and automatic troughs.

Other facilities include: infirmary, changing-room with bathroom, kitchenette and office for the veterinary inspector. Adjacent to the barn is the outdoor area for different categories of goats, kids and bucks. Next to the barn is the hay storage, room for preparation and storage of concentrated food, as well as the covered area for machinery.

Feeding of goats

Clover and hay, partially from our own land and partially from other people’s land, whose quality is regularly controlled. We make the concentrate ourselves, from our own corn, grain and other components with corresponding attests.

Goat hygiene

Hygiene is extremely important and it is achieved through regular bathing and combing, washing and treatment of udders and maintenance of hooves.

The farm fulfills all conditions necessary for handling the basic service, such as:

  • the weight of adult head of cattle once a year, when the selective control is carried out (the data is entered into the Registry form of a goat, buck)
  • the weight of kids at birth and origin (into the Registry of kids)
  • control of the dairy yield and proteins every 28 - 33 days, which enables us to acquire goat, kid and buck pedigrees

We possess good breeding goats owing to good genetics and selection, and regular breeding.