Healthy (fulfill the health conditions prescribed by laws which regulate health protection of animals), with or without horns. They can be in period of inactivity or breeding.

They can have full or partial origin, have to be in the registry, licensed and of the same sort as the doe, to originate from goats with high milk yield.


Brown and black.

Physical characteristics

  • well built
  • firm body
  • straight back
  • firm, muscular and wide back
  • deep torso with developed muscles
  • well built and muscular legs
  • properly developed reproductive organs

Preventive and health measures

  • Enterotoxemia vaccination
  • Parasite cleansing
  • Blood test for brucellosis



Length of exploitation

Up to 8 years.


In order to get head of high quality genetic basis, high quality interior and good potential for high milk yield, breeding is carried out inside the facilities built according to the highest world standards, and all activities and responsibilities of the breeder are defined through a set of instructions.

Transport and distribution

Transport to the customers is carried out in special vehicles, disinfected by the veterinary institution.